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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Colorful Summer

Hey loves! I hope everyone had an awesome week! I promised to post the details on my latest Instagram post. Many of you loved this look. I'm always interested to see what you guys like the most. I tend to receive a lot of positive feedback when I post denim looks. But, I'm most infatuated with my top. 

I stalked this adorable top for months. I must say "Good things comes to those that wait". When I noticed that Anthropologie was having a sale. I was so estatic. I basically went to my online shopping cart and all of my items were more than half off! 

Shopping Tip: If you love an online item but not the price. Most online sites will allow you to save an item to your shopping cart. So even if the item goes on sale. The item remains in your cart for purchase at the reduced price. 

My styling: My initial thought was to wear this top with a pair of high waist khaki culottes. But, I couldn't find a pair that I liked. So I went with  a pair of distressed jeans. This look is so transitional. It's hard not to love it. Wear it out with your girls or on date night with your boo. 

Thanks for Stopping loves! 

Ensemble Details: 

Jeans (Similiar)

Sandals: Old 

Clutch: Zara ( Sold out)!


Monday, July 17, 2017

La Jolla Style

Hello everyone! I had a chance to snap a couple of pics while visiting Sandiego,Ca this weekend. We stayed in La Jolla, which was amazingly beautiful. There's truly a reason why I don't live there. I wouldn't work or anything. I'd just stay at the beach all day! Lol

Surprisingly, I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked. I did most of the driving. So, I was worn out by the time we arrived to our destinations. I will say that La Jolla, Ca was the perfect place to visit. From the beaches to the excellent Mexican food. We just couldn't get enough. I'm ready to plan my next visit soon.

My look: When I travel, I'm so afraid that I'm going to lose something. I try to take basics that are comfortable and are easy to squeeze in my suitcase. I purchased my pants a couple of weeks ago at Anthropologie. They seem to never disappoint me, when it comes to quality pieces. My pants retailed for $119. I scored them for $20! My turban and tank are from Zara. I grabbed a cute pair of shades to tie in my look.

Ensemble Details: 

Tank (Old) 

Pants ( Soldout)

Sunglasses: UO

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pretty Mural

Hey loves, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I was able to catch up on some much needed rest. My sleep hygiene is so terrible. I average about 6 hours of sleep a night. I keep telling my self that I have to do better. Realizing that I feel so much better when I'm able to get adequate sleep. My goal is to at least be in the bed by 10pm. I'll keep you guys posted on how I do. 

Pretty Mural: I traveled to downtown Indy with my sister and seen this gorgeous mural. I loved it so much that I had to snap some pictures. I couldn't believe that my top match it so perfectly. I'm always looking for super cute street art like this. So, when I venture downtown. I make sure I take my camera. 

My Styling: When I ordered my top, I couldn't help but to think that is was super dramatic. But, dramatic is cool sometimes. Again, I don't over think  fashion. I knew that my shirt would be the focal piece of my look. I felt like my white jeans would add a dressy element to my look. Let's not forget my glittery shoes. My pictures don't show the purple hues as much as I would like. I also wore a matching glittery clutch. However, silly me forgot to grab my clutch when taking my pictures. 

Thank you for stopping loves! I'll be in California this weekend, so I'm make sure you guys get a sneak peek of all my looks! 


Ensemble Details: 


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer Style

Hey loves,  I hope you all have had a blessed week. I was just talking  to my sister about blessings. Some feel the word is overused. However, I believe that god most definitely show us favor and protection that should not be taken for granted. Count em up...Count em up! (Love this song) 

My style: In the summer I love easy and effortless clothing. Flowy items tend to be my go to. I purchased my high slit dress a couple of years ago. I'm shocked that I let it sit in my closet so long. I paired  it with my distressed denim skirt to add a bit of edge to this look. I played a little with colors and added my favorite green heels.

Styling options: So of course denim is my go to suggestion for this look. But, a chic pair of shorts or a stripe trouser. Would add another cute element to this look as well. I love statement bags so much! Keeping the rest of my ensemble simple and letting my cool bag speak for itself. I'm not one to attempt to re-create someone else's look. I love showing ladies that you can be chic, on trend, and true to your own individual style. 

Thanks so much for Stopping by loves. 


Ensemble Details: 

Dress (Old)

Shoes (Old) 

Monday, July 3, 2017

More ruffles

Happy 4th of July loves! I'm not sure what I'm most excited about. The extended weekend, the barbecue, or the amazing sales! Either way it's a win win situation.

Now, It may seem like you need a lot of money to stay on trend and fashionable. However, I must admit I'm one budget savvy shopper. I rarely pay full price for trendy items. I'd suggest investing in ...closet staples such as great jeans, handbags, and accessories. 

Where to find the deals: I've kind of been going hard on shopping late. Partly, because every site that you can imagine is having a sale. I've found the best deals at Zara, Express, and Anthropologie. I also found a couple of pieces at H&M. I'd say set a budget before you start shopping. You'll be surprised how your money works for you.

My look: I know that I have enough ruffle items in my closet already.  However, that didn't stop me from purchasing this adorable dress. I loved the fit and the fact that it was lined. But, the major plus for me was it was only $20 at Express. I've seen this style of dress range from  $300- $90. So, I was pretty geeked when I scored it for 65% off. 

Lastly, remember that even though you find a bomb sale. Small purchases can add up. Before, buying a sale item. Think of multiple ways you can incorporate the item into your wardrobe. If you draw a probably shouldn't buy it! Lol 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Ensemble Details: 

Necklaces: Old

Sandals: Old

Clutch : Old 
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