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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Denim + Denim

Hello everyone, I'm hoping for a speedy work week.  I have a three day weekend and several celebrations to attend. I hope you all are enjoying the looks on  my blog thus far. As many of you may know I'm  novice at blogging. I'm hoping with hard work and dedication I  will achieve my blogging goals.  I  realized early on that social media can be discouraging at times. I have to remind myself often that the number of followers I have doesn't define my blogs  worth. But, kudos to those who have manage to obtained thousands of followers.   My main  focus is to remain true to what I love and inspire the everyday woman at the same time.

I call this my denim on denim ensemble. I have so many women tell me they get so frustrated when they go shopping. I'm the total opposite. Shopping is very therapeutic for me. Once again I'm in the local Target shopping and  I found this super cute denim ensemble. I swear I use the word "transitional" in every blog post.  But, transitional pieces are a must in my wardrobe. You can wear this many ways by adding a long cardigan or button down. Or even wearing the pieces separately. I loved the fabric and the price point was great too. Again, we want to look Chic not Cheap. My printed added clutch  a subtle  statement to the look. My entire ensemble was under $50. As my Aunt Val would say " What goes up must come down" prices always drop. I bought my clutch and shoes on Zara when they had one of their bomb sale. Stalk those websites ladies! I promise you will find some awesome deals.

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Ensemble Details:

Denim Top: Target

Denim Jogger: Target

Clutch: Zara

Sandals: Zara




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