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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bachelorette Party Chic

Hey Loves! I hope all of you are having a blessed and productive day. Today's look is near and dear to my heart. This past weekend I attended my friend's Bachelorette party. We've been friends for over 30 years. So, this night was very special to me. I was kind of  irritated with myself, because I let time slip away and ended up late to her dinner. Although, I was late, she embraced me and was very thankful that I was able to attend. Marriage is such a beautiful covenant and vow to god. It makes my heart smile to see friends take that next step. But, I hate and I repeat hate when people ask when am I getting married. My reply is when god says I'm ready. Lol! I'm fine with being the last of the Mohicans to jump the broom. Maybe, I can be the one that will learn from everyone else's experiences.

STYLING DETAILS: My dress practically speaks for itself. When I seen it I fell in love. The exaggerated frill sleeves allows you to make a chic yet subtle fashion statement. I definitely played with my accessories a bit with this look. My simple choker necklaces are on trend but not  too much. I found my fishnet while browsing through F21. I can remember rocking fishnet a lot in the early 2000's. I bought my suede lace-up heels about a month ago. As you can tell, they've become my new faves. 

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  1. Cute usual!! Love the sleeves! You and I both will learn from everyone else's! You will probably be married before me.

    1. Thank you Bestie! You might beat me to the never know.😘


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