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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Hey babes, let’s talk about blogging. I’ve been blogging for several years now and things have changed quite a bit. I gravitated to blogging due to my extreme love for fashion and style.I really just considered blogging a hobby when I started. However, when blogging is discussed  now. You often hear the terms “engagement” and “following”. Some tend to go hard to obtain  a following and others focus on engaging with the followers they already have. Honestly, I believe both are important in having a successful blog. But, I’m not a person that gets caught up in numbers. 

 Clearly, if I were to increase my following and find ways to monetize my blog. I wouldn’t me mad at that at all. But, most importantly it’s so key to stay true to yourself and the purpose of your platform. We all know that there will be bloggers that aren’t as fashionable as you with tons of followers. You also may in counter those that find inspiration in copying other bloggers looks. Instead, of creating their own style. It’s important to not compare yourself to others and stay on task to achieve your blogging goals. 

I’ve had  those days where I’ve wanted to delete my blog and start over. Then, I think about the people that I may have inspired over the years.  They are truly my reason to keep going. One of my favorite bloggers (Kyrzada) that was such an inspiration for me passed away recent.  I remember inboxing her years ago related to blogging. She was so humble and took the time to chat with me. This meant so much considering how  elitist our society is. Needless to say... always be kind and authentic and define your own success. 

Styling:  I fell in love with this tee at first sight. We all know how quick items sale out on Zara’s site. So, I had to snag it as soon as it was available on the site. Unfortunately, it’s all sold out now. My jean shorts  are repurposed Levi’s from Urban Outfitters. I chose a cardigan to show how easy your wardrobe can transition from Summer to Fall. The leopard pumps are so on trend right now and gave me a much needed pop. I’ve had my wooden bag for some time and felt it was a great accessory to carry over to Fall. 

Thanks for Stopping loves! 

Ensemble Details: 

Cardigan: Old

Leopard pumps: Old 

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